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WR - Series Rotary Unions


REX WR-Series rotary union is designed and developed specially for wide range (WR) of operating conditions. It incorporates state-of-art advance silicon carbide to silicon carbide extended life sealing (ELS) technology for high speed water, steam, oil, and air application. Silicon Carbide seal faces are micro lapped to optical flatness of better than 2 light bands, ELS seals are harder than most contaminants, the biggest enemy of any rotary union such as rust, scale, chips, or other abrasives, silicon carbide being almost as hard as diamond, and will resist wear caused by contamination. Silicon Carbide to silicon carbide seals and its precision engineering provides proven reliability.

Rotary unions are available in a wide range of shaft diameters from REX 3/8" to 4", in single-flow, dual-flow for stationary inner syphon or rotating inner syphon pipe designs, pipe thread and machines thread connections. The unique design of WR - series rotary unions permits them to be installed on rotating machinery without using external supports. Every unit is both self-supporting and free floating. The double wide spaced heavy duty ball bearing construction provides a broad base for radial support, contributing to long bearing life. This reduces vibration at high speeds. Bearing are pre-lubricated and sealed. The vented housing shows seal leakage before water can damage the ball bearings.

The new Rex WR - series rotary union is a cost-effective and highly reliable union for today's demanding and high-productivity environment. It offers unique and technically advanced features/benefits that withstand destructive forces like radial loads, thrust loads, end loads, axial end play, shock and vibration. It eliminates all chronic weaknesses of conventional soft seal rotary union.


  • O-ring mounting of two precision ball bearings: Eliminates condensation build-up in bearing cavity, preventing pre mature bearing damage. Low friction two precision ball bearings construction permits high speed with minimal operating torque and keep the seal faces in perfect alignment.
  • 4 vent holes: Bearing protection: Vent holes prevent pressure build - up that could damage bearings; leakage from holes indicates seal ring needs replacement.
  • Hydraulically Balance Seal Technology: Low seal wear and Longer Service Life: Hydraulically balanced seal minimizes seal loading and seal wear.
  • Precision lapped keyed free floating seal faces: Assures positive seal. The spring loaded floating seal is keyed so that it cannot rotate or creep as this can cause premature failure to the O-ring, resulting in a leaking union.
  • Non-corrosive construction: All parts in contact with flow media are made of Stainless Steel or gun metal to provide corrosion resistance.

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