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Compressed Air Auto Drain traps



Almost every factory has a compressed air installation of one kind or another. It is now so widely used that there are few works which do not have a compressed air system. Compressed air tools, actuators and instruments must be clean and dry and may need to carry a measured amount of oil mist for lubrication. Like steam, compressed air gives up moisture on cooling and this is carried by air in the form of a mist and is deposited in coolers, receivers and air mains. To give dry air at the point of usage it is necessary to lay out the distribution system properly, provide adequate drain points and fit separators to remove the mist of water from the air.

REX offers a full line of compressed air auto drain traps for fitting to drain points on cooler, receivers, separators and mains drain points. They are fully automatic and do not require any manual setting or adjustment for draining interval as in the case of electrically operated drain traps.

These traps are available in two different internal designs based on their operating principles – Ball Float type and Inverted Bucket type. Both these are mechanical traps that operate on the large difference in density between air and water.

Electronic drain traps opens cyclically, irrespective of whether there is enough water or not for discharge. In case there is no water, the trap cannot differentiate air from water, hence there is no alternative for the trap but to leak air, while ball float type or inverted bucket trap opens only to presence of water and closes immediately once the water has been cleared. Hence there is no any air loss.

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