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Swivel joints


REX is recognized as the pioneer and leader in development and manufacture of spring-loaded, single seat self-aligning swivel joints in India. These unique products handle 360° rotating and 10° angular-movement between machinery or other plumbing elements.

REX Self-Aligning Swivel Joints are specified and accepted for a wide range of applications where piping movement must be accommodated and system integrity is critical. They are widely used in the rubber, paper, plastic, plywood & hardboard, lamination, chemical processing, food processing, mining & metals, dyestuff and many more industries.

REX Self-Aligning Swivel Joints are offered in four different models and standard size range from 3/8” to 3”. REX also offers Non-Flex type Swivel Joints in standard size range to meet with the requirements of a joint with no side flexibility. Add prefix ‘N’ to standard models. REX self-aligning swivel joint is the key to solving many piping flexibility problems where high temperature and pressure are encountered. Three of these joints connected in a ‘DOG-LEG’ arrangement for steam/hot water/thermic fluid supply and condensate drainage of movable platen presses; combine the movement characteristics of a hose with long-life advantage of pipe.



  • Self-aligning: 10° angular flexibility design feature permits positive positioning of lines.
  • Reduce maintenance: Last longer, you can’t over-tighten the seal. Natural operating action maintains perfect fit of hemispherical ball. Long-lasting joint requires little attention
  • No lubrication required: A worthwhile operating advantage. This means virtually no maintenance.
  • Pressure safe, fireproof: No danger of burst, causing fire or other hazards..
  • Faster, easier installation: Save time on pipe fitting and installation, avoid flexible hose routing headaches.

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