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SN-Series Rotary Joints


REX SN-Series is a self-supporting version of the REX joints, which require no external supports of any kinds. The SN-Series is a specialized variation, designed for use where an internal inlet or outlet pipe must rotate with the roll on paper machine dryers with rotary syphons, double shell dryers, rotary steam tube dryers and similar machines. The SN-Series REX Joints accommodate a rotating syphon or distribution pipe as an integral part of the rotating assembly.

Nipple and thrust collar keyed together, rotate against carbon graphite seal rings. Thrust collar serves as packing box to prevent leakage along inner pipe; however, rotateas a unit and seal between stationary and rotating part does not rely on any packing. Spring is for initial sealing only; in operation joint is pressure seated. They are available in sizes form 3/4” to 5”. Standard series joints are suitable for pressure up to 150 PSI.


  • A minimum of rotating parts: With only two continuously moving parts nipple and thrust collar this simplicity of design assures reliability, ease of service.
  • Self-supported for longer life: Self-supported design does not require support or any framework structure. It is supported internally by carbon graphite guide.
  • They are particularly recommended for applications where a large degree of misalignment of rotary joint and cylinder journal is present or eccentric motion of cylinder is present or where additional framework structure to externally support Rotary Joints is not possible.

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