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Flexible Metal Hoses

REX corrugated flexible hose assemblies are made from stainless steel corrugated hose tubing. The stainless steel hose is covered with an external braiding made from stainless steel wire. The wire braiding can be either single or double layer according to pressure rating required. Braiding increases the hoop strength, stabilizes movement and offers a form of protection to inner corrugated tubing.

REX FH-Series stainless steel corrugated flexible hose has been engineered especially for use as Inlet and outlet connections to REX Rotary Joints. It keeps pipe strains from crowding the joint, and does not restrict the joint’s built-in flexibility. It can also serve in many other types of piping systems, wherever misalignment or expansion presents a problem.

REX flexible hose is available in sizes from 3/8” to 6”, with couplings threaded, flanged or combination. Steel couplings are double argon welded to hose to make this joint stronger that the hose itself.



  • It is suitable for wide temperature range up to 800 °C.
  • It compensates for thermal expansion or contraction in piping system
  • Higher physical strength.
  • Good corrosion characteristics.
  • Fire & moisture resistant.
  • Long life.
  • Resistant to abrasion, penetration and damage.
  • Absorbs or dampens vibration and noise from equipment.
  • Permits a very economical installation against rigid piping in difficult locations.

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