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Thermodynamic Steam Traps


Proper condensate removal is essential for efficient process plant operation. REX offers a full range of established trap operating principles thermodynamic, ball float, and inverted bucket. Correctly chosen and fitted, REX traps can boost productivity, reduce spoilage, save man-hours, minimize steam consumption and cut fuel bills.


Cold condensate or air raise the disc under pressure and flow freely through the trap. When flash steam reaches the trap, the velocity under the disc is instantly increased and pulls the disc onto the seat. Flash pressure on top of the disc snaps it onto its seat to give a tight shut-off. Heat loss from above the disc, causes the chamber pressure to decrease and the valve disc opens again to discharge condensate.


  • Compact, lightweight
  • All stainless steel construction for good corrosion resistance.
  • High resistance to water-hammer.
  • Long life due to hardened seat and disc.
  • Only one moving part.
  • Efficient operation under varying loads and pressures.
  • Discharges condensate at steam temperature.

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