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U - Series Rotary Unions


REX U-Series rotary unions are specifically engineered to provide a rotating seal between a stationary fluid supply and a rotating cylinder, roll or drum. Rotary Unions are available in a wide range of shaft diameters from 1/8" to 2" in single passage and right hand (RH) or left hand (LH) pipe thread and machine thread connections. The unique design of U-Series rotary unions permits them to be installed on rotating machinery without using external supports. Every unit is both self-supporting and free floating. The double wide spaced ball bearing construction provides a broad base for radial support, contributing to long bearing life. Bearings are pre-lubricated and sealed. The carbon filled PTFE seal permits exceptional long trouble free operation. The spring loaded static O-ring seal and rotary seal move only enough to allow the carbon filled PTFE seal to align itself with the rotating rotor end. Optically flat seal faces minimize torque and friction drag, They provide positive, leak-free sealing up to 150 PSI, 2500 RPM and 200°F. They are especially desirable for transmit-ting the media such as air, coolant, water, hydraulic oil, from a stationary source through a rotating component such as a drill, shaft, roll, clutch, and chock internally. They are widely used in automotive industry where transfer of media is required for different operations such as machining processes like gun drilling, boring, drilling, air activation of clutches, cooling of grinders, and grinding material, air clamping devices of building equipment, and injection moulding of plastic parts.


  • High Speed: Low-friction ball bearing construction permits speed to 2500 RPM with minimal operating torque.
  • Low seal wear: Hydraulically-balanced seal minimizes seal wear.
  • Durable construction: Special construction materials and seal packages permit service with high temperature or abrasive liquids.
  • Dynamic pressure testing: Assures product integrity. All our Rotary Unions are factory tested under pressure and rotation for proper leak-free operation before being passed for delivery. This thorough check assures that each REX Rotary Union is completely leak proof when you receive it and can be installed with fullest confidence that it will operate to your complete satisfaction provided all other installation and technical operating parameters are correct.

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