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N-Series Rotary Joints


REX N-Series is a rod-supported version of REX joints. It is a specialized variation, designed for use where an internal inlet or outlet pipe must rotate with the roll on paper machine dryers with rotary syphons, double shell dryers, rotary steam tube dryer and similar machines. The N-Series REX Joints can accommodate a rotating syphon or distribution pipe as an integral part of the rotating assembly.

Nipple and thrust collar keyed together, rotate against carbon graphite seal rings. Thrust collar serves as packing box to prevent leakage along inner pipe; however, rotates as a unit, Seal between stationary and rotating part does not rely on any packing. Spring is for initial seating only; in operation joint is pressure sealed. They are available in sizes from 1½” to 6”. Standard series joints are suitable for pressure up to 150 PSI.


  • A minimum of rotating parts: With only two continuously moving parts nipple and thrust collar this simplicity of design assures reliability, ease of service.
  • Rod-supported for longer life: Lugs and rods support full weight of joint, take stress and wear it causes off internal components. Some lateral and angular movement can occur without affecting sealing or joint performance.
  • No lubrication required: Seals are self-lubricating when used with media; maintenance is minimized.
  • Self-adjusting for seal wear and pressure changes: Maintains leak-free sealing under changing conditions.
  • Wide range of available constructions: Different materials let you configure the joint for maximum durability under your application conditions

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