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Strainers are a critical component in any steam, liquid or gas system. REX SY-Series strainers are designed to remove pipeline debris, such as rust and pipe scale. Strainers will protect components such as valves, temperature and pressure regulators, steam traps, pumps, meters, burners nozzles and other process equipments from possible damage and help ensure that heat transfer surfaces are kept free from deposit build up.

REX offers a full range of strainers in a variety of sizes, configurations, materials and screen openings to meet the bulk of all pipeline straining requirements. They are effective, inexpensive insurance against costly shutdowns and heavy maintenance cost.


  • A complete range of sizes and materials suitable for a wide range of applications and services.
  • Large screen area for maximum dirt holding and minimized pressure drop.
  • Various screen options for optimum system and component protection.
  • No leak & no crush screen chamber. Precise machining of both ends of the chamber provides perfectly round and smooth seating surfaces as well as fixed chamber length.
  • REX strainer are economically priced so that each piece of pipeline equipment can be protected.

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