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Sight Glasses


Sight Glasses are devices that are normally fitted in a fluid line to provide a visual indication of the system condition. A sight glass fitted after a trap will quickly show whether it is working correct and will save hours where a lot of traps discharge into a closed condensate return system. It is very essential if ball float steam traps with steam lock release (SLR) are to be adjusted properly.

Single Window and Double Window versions are available in the REX range. The double window sight glass gives a clearer indication of flow, particularly if the sight glass has to be fitted in a position where it is difficult to see, such as underneath a machine.


  • High Flow Capacity: The simple body design offers little resistance to flow. The flow area of all units is as large as or larger than, the area of pipe of the same nominal size.
  • High visibility: The round glass window areas are extra large to provide exceptionally good visibility of the flow inside.
  • Robust Construction: The use of heavy glass windows combined with soft selected seals which fit correctly into properly machined grooves provide leak free service at rated pressure and temperatures. Body remains in line during servicing.
  • Easy to install: REX sight glasses are built to fit into process piping system as easily as a simple valve or a common pipefitting. May be fitted in either a horizontal or vertical line.

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