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Vacuum Breakers


REX Vacuum Breakers provide a simple, dependable way to relieve any unwanted vacuum condition which may develop in closed vessels such as vats, unit heaters, jacketed pans, cookers, receivers, evaporators, heat exchangers, tanks, boilers, etc. and pipe line such as steam mains, condensate line etc.

In steam system, a vacuum will form when a control valve throttles down or the steam line is isolated. This vacuum formation will prevent efficient condensate removal and lead to possible equipment or system damage and poor process control.

In condensate return systems, collapsing flash steam bubbles will also cause a vacuum to form, leading to water hammer and noise problems.

Essential on temperature controlled steam applications, REX VB-Series Vacuum Breaker range offers a simple and effective solution, allowing air to enter a system as vacuum forms, thus restoring the system balance.


  • Effective vacuum prevention protects equipments from possible damage and ensures maximum system efficiency.
  • Simple configuration for ease of installation.
  • Robust design ensures maintenance-free operation.
  • Choice of materials for use in a wide variety of applications and environments.

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