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H-Series Rotary Joints


REX H-series rotary joint is a self-supported unit designed specifically to run at higher machine speed and higher pressure and temperature than conventional self-supported joints with a minimum of downtime. Two wide spaced carbon bush bearings ensure absolute support. With two separate bush bearings, a greater contact area is maintained between the bushes and nipple. This means the H-Series joint has much greater radial support than single guide ring joints, a difference that translates directly into greater joint stability to maintain proper alignment longer.

These carbon guide bushes are locked into place with the joint housing by pins or keys. They are available in a full range of sizes from ½” to 4” in through flow, dual-flow with stationary syphon and dual-flow for rotating syphon services. REX H-Series joints can be used with practically all media and are suitable for 150 psi pressure and maximum speed up to 200 rpm.


  • Greater joint stability: Two wide spaced carbon bush bearings for greater support, stability and longer wear. This cross sectional area allows greater stability and resistance to side loads.
  • Longer seal life: Large, improved seal under compression design provides long life. Plus greater joint stability reduces seal wear, leakage, and maintenance requirements.
  • Carbon bushes are secured against rotation by a fixing pin or key. This prevents the spring from being damaged by a rotation bearing.
  • Simple locking fork on the end cover instead of lug on the body of joint as in the case of conventional design joints which are very complicated to install.
  • Self-supporting configuration: Tolerates journal misalignment better that externally rod - supported configurations.
  • No lubrication required: Maintenance is minimized.
  • Self-adjusting for seal wear and pressure changes: Maintains leak-free sealing under changing conditions.
  • Wide range of available constructions: Different materials let you configure the joint for maximum durability under your application conditions.

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