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C-Series Rotary Joints


REX C-Series Rotary Joints are self – supported and available with cast iron housing and end cover. The carbon seal ring under compression design rather than tensile load provides higher strength and exceptional service life. Two wide spaced carbon bush bearings ensure absolute support and substantially reduced wear. The carbon bush bearings are made of specially formulated carbon graphite and seal rings are made of carbon filled P.T.F.E. which require no lubrication of any sort. The spring is made of the finest spring steel stainless steel wire for better resistance to rust, corrosion and erosion. They are available in sizes from ½” to 3”.


  • Greater joint stability: Two wide spaced carbon bush bearings for greater support, stability and longer wear. This cross sectional area allows greater stability and resistance to side loads
  • Longer seal life: Large, improved seal under compression design provides long life. Plus greater joint stability reduces seal wear, leakage, and maintenance requirements.
  • Self-supporting configuration: Tolerates journal misalignment better that externally rod-supported configurations.
  • No lubrication required: Maintenance is minimized.
  • Self-adjusting for seal wear and pressure changes: Maintains leak-free sealing under changing conditions.
  • Wide range of available constructions: Different materials let you configure the joint for maximum durability under your application conditions.

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